Sunday, December 18, 2011

RAMPS done, Arduino Connected

Finally finished the damn RAMPS 1.3.  It fits nicely on my Arduino Mega 2560.  Now I just need to solder longer wires to my stepper motors.  I bought unipolar motors with six wires, but the internet tells me I can omit the 2nd and 5th wires and run it like a bipolar motor.  I hope this works,  but I think it will reduce my power output.  Assembling wade's extruder, It cracked.  It took hardly any pressure at all,  I think the part was printed at less than the optimal temperature.  The layers did not seem to be held together with any strength.  Once again probably due to my plastic parts seller wanting to make money more than he wanted to make good parts.  I also think the gear tips should not be hollow, but they are. 

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