Friday, December 2, 2011

Tools and Stuff

So I have spent a bunch of time this morning looking for the tools I will need to put this beast together.   This definitely will not be everything, but it should be a good start.

COOP Hardware Store
Fake Dremel Tool - 32.97

Princess Auto
digital caliper - 21.99
digital multimeter - 21.99
measuring tape - 5.49
cut off wheels for dremel - 5.49

butane soldering iron (many tips)- 27.71
super fine solder/flux - 10.97
solder brush - 0.68
extra butane - 6.60

Grand Total $133.89

Super Grand Total (with parts) $709.55
Holy Crap.  Well I guess it's macaroni and cheese for me for a while,  maybe I can sell some printed parts once the machine is done.   I haven't spent this much money at one time in four months!  Damn brushing saw ($1250 stihl fs 550, anyone want to buy it?)...

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