Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Sources for Parts for Mendel Prusa

Ok.  So now I have purchased everything (that I am going to buy online)!  It took about 15 hours of work to make sure I had all the right parts and had the best prices once shipping to Canada was taken into account.
Here is the breakdown :

Electronics - RAMPS 1.3 complete kit with drivers-Pololu A4988 and endstops 131.23 CAD shipped
Nema 17 Stepper Motors (5) - 52.00 CAD shipped from seller tony34306 on ebay (they are used)

Plastic  Parts (including extruder plastic), nuts and bolts, belts, linear bearings - 239.97 CAD shipped from ebayseller elderfarrer2hy7

Heat Bed36.03 CAD shipped shipped from ebay seller snipermand

Hot End, Heat tape, and 1Kg black ABS 1.75 mm - 110.15 CAD shipped from

ATX Power Supply and Gorilla Glue - local 41.80 CAD

Threaded Rods (5) and Smooth Rods (3) - local 30.92

For a Grand Total of  575.66 !!!

Not bad,  as long as the customs charges are not too radical.

Prices for unassembled kits I found are priced at:
1040 from Europe
850 from Australia
550 from Europe (but smaller max print size)
1065 from US
825 from US
1000 from Europe
Without shipping!

Tomorrow I am off to buy the tools I will need.

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