Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Step 1

The first step is cutting my threaded and smooth rods down to size.  The guide says to buy 6 threaded 1 meter long rods, and 3 smooth 1 meter long rods.  I am using 5/16 of an inch size.  Unfortunately this comes in 3 foot long lengths so i had to buy 7 threaded and 4.  Damn that few centimeters.  After cutting you have to clean the ends of the threaded rods up a bit so the nuts will fit on them. 

Threaded rods:
3 X 440 mm
4 X 297 mm
6 X 370 mm
2 X 210 mm
1 X 50 mm

Smooth rods:
4 X 420 mm
2 X 406 mm
2 X 350 mm

Hint: open up the threads with the can opener on the knife.

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